Welcome to the Wells Research Group

The Wells Environmental Biotechnology and Microbial Ecology (WE BioME) Lab works at the interface of environmental biotechnology and microbial ecology, with an emphasis on the study of microbial diversity, dynamics, interactions, and function in engineered and impacted natural aquatic systems. Our primary research interests are microbial nitrogen cycling and short-circuit biological nutrient removal processes, microbial ecology of engineered and natural settings, sustainable biological wastewater treatment, microbial greenhouse gas production, and resource and energy recovery from waste. See more at our Research page.


December 2017

  • George co-organizes a workshop at TU Delft with Michele Laureni and David Weissbrodt on "Mainstream anammox: key challenges from fundamental to full-scale implementation"
  • Fabrizio Sabba joins us as a new postdoctoral scholar; welcome, Fab!

November 2017

  • Yubo Wang joins the group as a new postdoctoral scholar; welcome, Yubo!
  • George participates in the NAE US-EU Frontiers of Engineering symposium at UC Davis

October 2017

  • Qiteng Feng defends his masters thesis on “Community structure and oxygen affinity of ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacteria in mainstream nitrifying and nitritation-anammox bioreactors.”  Congratulations, Qiteng!

September 2017

  • Alex Rosenthal, Han Gao, Jamie LaVergne, and George Wells present work from the Wells research group at WEFTEC 2017 in Chicago, IL
  • George presents new results on DPAOs and the CANDO+P process for energy recovery from waste nitrogen at the AWRA on “Cutting Edge Solutions to Wicked Water Problems” in Tel Aviv, Israel

August 2017

  • Morgan Petrovich presents her work on fate and diversity of antibiotic resistance genes in urban water infrastructure at EDAR4 in East Lansing, Michigan.  Collaborator Rachel Poretsky also attends, and presents joint work with Binh Chu

June 2017

  • Jim Griffin, Morgan Petrovich, and Han Gao present at the AEESP 2017 conference.  George co-organizes a workshop at the conference on "Responsible Science, Education, and Engineering Practice for Water Resource Recovery and Circularity in Ecologically-Balanced and Healthy Communities”
  • Paul Roots presents his work on mainstream nitiration/ anammox processes at the WEF Nutrient Removal and Recovery symposium in Fort Lauderdale
  • Jimmy Ding defends his master thesis.  Congratulations, Jimmy!

May 2017

Alex Rosenthal presents a paper on “Investigation of guild stratification in mainstream partial nitritation/ anammox biofilms reactors” at the IWA Biofilm Reactor Conference in Dublin, Ireland

March 2017

  • George gives an invited presentation at a specialist conference on “Wastewater as a Resource” at KAUST in Saudi Arabia

February 2017

  • Morgan passes her Ph.D. qualifying exam; congratulations, Morgan!
  • Alex Rosenthal and Paul Roots present our latest results on mainstream nitritaton/anammox processes at the Borchardt Conference at the University of Michigan